bijzondere werkplekken en opmerkelijke helden die ik niet kon weerstaan te fotograferen
remarkable workplaces and notable heroes I had to capture

nothing beats the light of a light bulb. Gijs van den Tempel can testify; as a chandelier restorer for many antique shops, auction houses, the queen’s office, the ministry of defense and the government buildings agency, he has already restored the most diverse types of chandeliers.

tempel kroonluchters [ amsterdam ] © remmert bolderman

after being liberated and released from a WWII prison camp (where he ended up through the betrayal of a fellow cobbler), the craftsman settled in this basement of an amsterdam mansion in 1946 to start a new life, resume his work. since then, the interior has hardly changed.

shoe repair #01 [ 2006 – amsterdam ] © remmert bolderman

former marine and sportsman Jan Lensen in his favorite place; the basement office, located under the shop in the utrechtsestraat in amsterdam.

jan lensen agencies [ amsterdam ] © remmert bolderman

even though this store has had to close due to a worldwide covid-19 pandemic; with a clear vision and mission, by delivering great quality and distinction in casual clothing and accessories, this raw denim bolster is still in business.

alive and kicking [ – amsterdam ] © remmert bolderman

de concurrentie van grote bouwmarkten is moordend, waardoor steeds meer kleinere doe-het-zelf retailers uit het landschap verdwijnen. met een ruim assortiment hout zit deze zagerij nog steeds in een grote kelder in amsterdam.

alles op maat [ wittenburg – amsterdam ] © remmert bolderman

almost everyone lies tense in a dentist’s chair, waiting for what is to come.
that often expresses itself through the fingers, which in this case are slightly pressed against the pants.

dental maintenance [ rietlanden – amsterdam ] © remmert bolderman

in a dilapidated building at the former adsm-dockyard, artist Pierre Mansire performs a contemporary light show in which a dancer with a tutu contributes to the visual performance. after the show she rests on a stone-cold floor.

act finished [ groupe brocante – amsterdam ] © remmert bolderman

de hele handel wordt vanuit een klein aanhangertje achter zijn scooter op de openbare weg uitgestald. tijdens zijn werkzaamheden speelt een transistorradiootje zachtjes operamuziek.

shoe repair #02 [ wakayama – japan ] © remmert bolderman

rugged areas in the north of norway. a long drive along fjords is not an option if hospital support is needed in this sparsely inhabited area. this westland sea king team of the norwegian air force also provides medical flights beside search and rescue operations. in this case, the team is waiting for an ambulance transfer into a emergency flight.

saver 41 [ luftforsvaret – norway ] © remmert bolderman

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