In a dilapidated building on the former ADM site (shipyard), contemporary light performance artist Pierre Mansire provides an artistic light show, in which a dancer with a tutu contributes to the visual performance.
after the show she rests on a stone cold floor.

[ show finished – amsterdam ]

after being in a WWII prison camp (betrayed by a cobbler colleague), the cobbler settled in this basement of an Amsterdam townhouse in 1946 to start a new life, to resume his work.
regardless of his age (87 years old and still working), not much has changed in 2006; a Phillips ad on the rear wall was not placed in a nostalgic moment, but has been there since the 1950s..

[ shoe repair – amsterdam ]

former marine and sportsman Jan Lensen in his favorite basement office, located under the shop in the Utrechtsestraat in Amsterdam.

[ the basement office – jan lensen agencies ]

dental maintenance.

[ tandarts team rietlanden – amsterdam ]

nothing beats the light of a light bulb. Gijs van den Tempel can testify; as a chandelier restorer for many antique shops, auction houses, the Queen’s Office, the Dutch Ministry of Defense and the Government Buildings Agency, he already restored the most diverse types of chandeliers.

[ tempel kroonluchters – amsterdam ]

rugged areas in the north of Norway. a long drive along fjords is not an option if hospital support is needed in this sparsely inhabited area. this Westland Sea King team of the Norwegian Air Force also provides medical flights beside Search and Rescue operations. in this case the crew is waiting for an ambulance transfer into a emergency flight.

[ saver 41 luftforsvaret – norway ]

with a focus on classic motor- and sailing yachts, this 100-year old shed offers space to individuals or institutions that want to build, maintain or restore a ship under their own management.

[ build your dream – amsterdam ]

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