remmert bolderman.
well, there’s not much to say.

started out with a Hasselblad 500C/M for industrial and aerial photoshoots, I changed from 120-film to digital cinematic photography.
roots in offshore and general aviation, active in the media industry.
Xpan & Fujifilm GFX medium format – hdri projects & visualizations.

the name panholland? used acronym and synonym for my panoramic photography of holland – dutch landscapes.
huh, remmert.buzz? buzzing around the globe with loucky for projects, travel impressions.
to browse my portfolio, just click on the ‘blog’ or ‘projects’ navigator and select a project gallery.
enjoy the images, ping me for info.

instagram- backoffice- and location-management by loucky.
technical website & hosting support by peter.

remmert bolderman high dynamic range imaging – visualizations

panholland.com | remmert.buzz
amsterdam – the netherlands

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