in a temporary closed exhibition space in the museum, the design is carefully cut and assembled from various patterns.

[ louvre – abu dhabi ] © remmert bolderman hdri

after being liberated and released from a WWII prison camp (where he ended up through the betrayal of a fellow cobbler), the craftsman settled in this basement of an amsterdam mansion in 1946 to start a new life, resume his work. since then, the interior (2006) has hardly changed.

[ amsterdam ] © remmert bolderman hdri

tempel kroonluchters [ amsterdam ] © remmert bolderman hdri

jan lensen agencies [ amsterdam ] © remmert bolderman hdri

rolex japan
stork zaandam
cinnamon worker india [ amsterdam ] © remmert bolderman hdri

team rietlanden [ amsterdam ] © remmert bolderman hdri

rough areas in the north of norway. a long drive along fjords is not an option if quick hospital support is needed in this sparsely inhabited area. this westland sea king team of the norwegian air force also provides medical flights beside search and rescue operations. in this case, the team is waiting for an ambulance to transfer the ride into a emergency flight.


[ luftforsvaret ] © remmert bolderman hdri

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